why wait for change?

- your lenses can get lighter in about half the time...

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Seriously... Why wait?

Self-tinting lenses aren't anything new. They've been around for a while, and we're pretty sure you've seen one or two dozen television commercials for them as well.

Young hipster man with beard, looking at his watch, wearing glasses with photochromic lenses that get darker in the sunlight

What you probably don't know is that when it comes to self-tinting (or photochromic) lenses, you have a choice of brands. Most of them work the same way. They get dark. They get light. Not much to write home about.

All that has changed. Now with nuanceRT®, your lenses can get lighter in about half the time. That's a serious advantage, as walking back inside to be blinded by the darkness is not exactly what you want. When you go back inside, you want to see what you're doing. It's about time you had a lens that lets you do what you want and works around your schedule. nuanceRT® was designed around the way you want them to work, not the way you're told they work. Don't wait for change.

nuanceRT ® Features

Clear Inside
Dark Outside

Exactly what you would expect from a light-reactive lens. Just like any other brand you might already be familiar with, nuanceRT® does the same thing, it just does it better.

Business man standing outside of office building wearing glasses that have photochromic lenses that get darker in sunlight

Really Fast.

The chief complaint about other self-tinting lenses is that it takes too long for them to get clear. nuanceRT® cuts that time in half, so you don't have to stumble around in the dark forever.

Woman sitting in a convertible car wearing glasses that have photochromic lenses that get darker in sunlight


Responsive to ambient light levels, the more sun there is, the darker they will get. This means in lower light or overcast situations, you don't have to worry about them being too dark, they'll always be just right.

African-American male jogger wearing glasses that have photochromic lenses that get darker in the sunlight

About nuanceRT ®

The Best Science.
Designed to be Awesome.

A proprietary molecular makeup gives us the ability to isolate the molecules that change color & maximize their fade. In short, we have some cool science that works.

Great for Anyone.
From Children to High Prescriptions.

Available in a wide range of materials, nuanceRT® is recommended for all patients that want a self-tinting lens and don't want to have to wait for it.

Twice as fast.

We've tested against name brands, and nuanceRT® changes back in about half the time. Oh, we said that already? Well it's worth repeating.

– why use something that takes twice as long?

What is RT ?

nuanceRT® - RT being RAPID TINT, clever, I know – is a brand new lens product. There are plenty of other options out there when it comes to a self-tinting lens, but they're all very, very similar.

Happy, young couple enjoying the outdoors in the sun, wearing glasses that have photochromic lenses that get darker in the sunlight with the statement on the image; Spend more of your time enjoying, instead of waiting.

Usually you end up with minor differences in color – a blue-gray versus a brown-gray, for instance. Other than that, the performance is about the same. Since they are built using similar technology, they all get dark at about the same speed, and get light at a similar pace.

We weren't happy with that. There was no real innovation, and there were too many imitators in the marketplace. The number one complaint about self-tinting lenses is that they stay dark too long indoors. None of the other products seemed like they were addressing that concern, so we decided to do something about it. With a new, innovative approach to the chemistry of the lens, you finally don't have to wait for change.

Why wait? Try it now!

Demand the Best
Why wait for change?

Get in touch to find out more about how a subtle change to nuanceRT® can make a big difference in your life.

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